Saturday, April 7, 2012

First post of the blog

Hello everyone, all the readers and friends,
I have set-up another 2 blog dealing with
IPOs (Initial Public Offering) and they are
Singapore IPO Lobang  & IPO Lobang.
They are actually the same and I will post
together in this 2 blog, just treat them as a
IPOs twins.

Actually, the first IPO that I should be covering
should be Cordlife Group but I was not able to
do so due to unforeseen circumstances. I did
tell some readers that I expect the stock to surge
to a high of 70-73cts before hitting the wall and
reversed. Some readers jokingly told me that it
is not possible and they were shocked and surprised
that the stock hit a high of 79.5cts and is
still trading above 70cts with Thursday closing
figure at 71cts. Just to comment slightly on the
stock right now, it will hit very strong resistance
around the 73-74cts region and only a decisive
breakout pass the region can propel it to the
recent high of 79.5cts Once the stock fall below
the low of 68.5cts created on Wednesday, it will
have ferocious selling to the 63-64cts region.

Frankly speaking, my technical analysis skill
is much better than my fundamental analysis
but I have deal with IPOs for a long time and
I believe I can provide value in this blog for the
readers. Do take note that I am just plainly providing
my personal view and comment on the IPOs and
the stock may or may not perform as written in
the blog. I will look at the detailed write-up in the
IPO prospectus and then the current market
condition and advise the readers on whether to
subscribe to the IPO or just give it a miss and
save the $2 application fee.

For my view on other stocks, please refer to
Stock Lobang

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